Children little chance of passing COVID-19 from each other, said the provincial director of health


Children are not to go COVID-19 from each other, but should always keep the social interactions are limited to small groups, Provincial Health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said in his daily news briefing on Tuesday.Citing a scientific research paper written in the low countries, Henry said there is a growing accumulation of evidence that, although children may sometimes transmit the virus to other and adults, they are much more likely to be infected by the adults they are closest to.

“For young children in particular, they do not seem to be as affected by it. They don’t seem to have any serious disease, and they don’t seem to pass it on to adults as effectively, ” said Henry.

“Most of the transmission to children was from a family member, an adult, a child, in the family’s close-contact situations. ”

Henry says that this trend seems to apply to children under the age of 10 years. As children grow into adolescence, they seem to respond to COVID-19 more as young adults.

She said that the study is reassuring that B. C. continues with the reopening of schools and that, although some of the children in B. C. were tested positive for the virus, none of these cases were related to the school system.

“It is reassuring for us, [but] it is never absolute. You do have to be careful and make sure that if your children are going out, go to school, play dates, summer camps, be sure to check them to be sure they are not sick, to keep their little groups, ” she said.


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