Chelsea will face Bayern on 7 or 8 August, when the UEFA reorganizes the eighth finals of the champions League


We remember, perhaps, that before the pandemic, Chelsea faced the mighty Bayern Munich at Stamford Bridge and has been extensively upgraded with a score of 3-0 in the away match of the eighth finals of the champions League.

Although this score means that equality is almost over, our chance to return miraculously to the return match remains alive thanks to UEFA, which has postponed the rest of the european competitions this season for August.

As announced yesterday, the laps (complete) the remaining of the champions League will be abbreviated to a single leg and they will take place in the form of tournament in Lisbon, Portugal, in the space of just eleven days, from 12 to 23 August. Before this, the four other rounds of the 16es of finale will also be played.

The teams already in the quarter-finals include the PSG, the Atalanta, the RB Leipzig and Atl├ętico Madrid. The other four will be selected: the winners combined for Manchester City against Real Madrid, Juventus against Lyon, Barcelona, against Napoli and Bayern against Chelsea. These four games back will be held from 7 to 8 August, or at the stage of the local team, either in a neutral place in Portugal.

Of course, no fan will be allowed to participate in these games. (The Europa League will follow a similar concept, but will be played in Germany.)

Chelsea should finish the season in the Premier League by the end of July. During this time, the FA Cup final is scheduled for the 1st of August, if we get that far. By then, Chelsea will probably be allowed to make signatures, although these newcomers (Ziyech, Werner, maybe more?) Will not be eligible to play in competitions 2019-2020.


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