Chechnya leader accuses police of failed violence in Dijon | France


Ramzan Kadyrov, the autocratic leader of Chechnya, expressed support for the compatriots involved in clashes in the city of Dijon this month, saying that they were responsible for protecting one of their own, because the police has done nothing.

Kadyrov of the message came that French police carried out raids and made a number of arrests of Chechens after several nights of blamed violence on members of the Chechen community from last Friday to Monday, when the city was shaken by clashes and burned cars.

The unrest was sparked by an assault earlier this month on a 16-year-old Chechen boy in Dijon, which was followed by a reprisal call and many Chechens on a trip to the city.

Ramzan Kadyrov says he believes the actions of the Chechens in France were justified. Photo: Chechnya Press Administration

Kadyrov, the head of the North Caucasus region of Russia, said on his Telegram account that the unrest was triggered by the violence of “drug traffickers” and the inaction of the police after the assault on the ‘teenager. “It was not an inter-ethnic conflict. Local authorities couldn’t deal with out-of-control drug traffickers, so the younger generation took matters into their own hands, ”he said.

“Law enforcement has not responded as it should,” he added. “I believe that the actions of the Chechens were correct.”

Mercedes-Benz sedan on fire
Dijon this Monday. The French government has sent police reinforcements from Dijon to quell the four nights of clashes between rival groups, which have left at least 10 wounded. Photo: AP

“They united and came together to deal with the seedling death of drug traffickers.”

The view is consistent with several Chechen commentators who claim the Chechens have made the local low-income districts of Gresilles district, home to a large community of people from North Africa, a favor. “I am sure that the citizens of the city of Dijon are quite tired of these low-deaths,” Kadyrov says of “drug traffickers” who he says attacked Chechnya boy.


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