Chase Rice under fire – News Entertainment


Country singer Chase Rice’s return to the road after the coronavirus lockout raised health and safety concerns after fans packed a Tennessee venue on Saturday night to see it happen live.

Singer Eyes On You even led a concert at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros, where 4,000 fans gathered and ignored social distancing guidelines, even though COVID-19 is booming in the state.

Chase videotaped the singing fans and posted the footage online, receiving a backlash from many who filmed the video, with a commentator saying, “So concerts are allowed and no masks are required. What a great idea in the middle of Covid19 on the rise. (Instagram). Chase rice may have caused a healthy covid19 wave in a few weeks. ”

Another asked, “So will Chase Rice be held responsible for the outbreak in TN next week after the crowded concert he had last night with no social distancing rules applied? ”

Rice has yet to comment on the concert or the fact that it may have put fans at risk, but her summer tour continues this week in Ashland, Kentucky. It also has a handful of driving concerts coming later this summer, where fans can watch it in the comfort and safety of their cars.


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