Cell-Easy becomes the first private pharmaceutical company in France authorized to manufacture stem cells


TOULOUSE, France – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Cell-Easy, a Toulouse-based start-up specializing in stem cell therapy, today announces the signing of an agreement with the Toulouse University Hospital, as well as obtaining authorization to open a plant for pharmaceutical manufacturing dedicated to the production of cell strains – a first in France. This follows the announcement made last December to raise € 1 million in capital investment.Thanks to its innovative large-scale stem cell manufacturing process, Cell Easy aims to develop regenerative medicine through therapeutic solutions based on Advanced Therapy Medicines compatible with affordable access for millions of patients.

The start-up has just signed a first partnership with the Toulouse University Hospital and will produce mesenchymal stem cells (or stromal cells) from adipose tissue qualified according to good manufacturing practices. A first clinical trial is underway to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Our ambition is to industrialize our exclusive stem cell manufacturing process to make cell therapy accessible to the greatest number of patients. The goal is to cut costs by ten and increase production capacity beyond 100,000,000 doses / year. Explains Pierre Monsan, CEO of Cell-Easy and founder of Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB).

Today, stem cell treatments represent a major therapeutic hope. Much of what has been put in place here is an expression of how the University Hospital Center approaches the development of innovative technologies, therapies and organizations that support new therapies based on the cross-fertilization of talent and expertise.. “Specifies Marc Penaud, Director General of the Toulouse University Hospital.

In addition, the French Medicines Agency has also authorized Cell-Easy to open a pharmaceutical factory to manufacture large-scale stem cell batches in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. This authorization makes Cell-Easy the only private pharmaceutical organization capable of manufacturing stem cells in France on an industrial scale. This firmly places Cell-Easy on the European scene.
Capital investments are secured to finance the rapid implementation of their strategy in France but also in Europe where the needs of patients are significant.

Cell-Easy will now be able to manufacture batches of stem cells for industrial partners and is one of the world’s forerunners of cell therapy.


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