Carson Wentz is the new Russell Wilson: Colin Cowherd


In Fox Sports’ recent Hot Sports episode, Colin Cowherd compared two-quarters of the NFL – Carson Wentz and Russell Wilson. Cowherd said the Philadelphia Eagles QB Wentz is walking the path of the Seattle Seahawks QB Wilson.

“Carson Wentz is the new Russell Wilson,” says Cowherd

Speaking on the show, Cowherd said Wentz should be placed in one of the top three positions in the league-wide draft. Cowherd has always been a fan of the Eagles and has been seen defending the team in many situations. He came to defend the QB of the Eagles and said that his consistency deserves a place in the top three. In the ESPN NFL simulation project, Wentz was placed in 11th position.

The Fox Sports host said he should be behind Patrick Mahomes of the chiefs and Russell Wilson of the Seahawks. Cowherd then praised Carson Wentz by comparing the 27-year-old QB to an experienced Wilson QB. He said Wentz is on his way to Wilson because the Eagles’ QB has been a consistent and unique player like Wilson for his team.

Comparison of statistics

Cowherd seems somewhat right about this comparison, as two-quarters have similar statistics in the field. In the first four years of his career, Wilson had a completion percentage of 64.7%. In contrast, Carson Wentz has a completion percentage of 63.8% after four years.

Wilson has 106 touchdowns while Wentz has 97 touchdowns. They both have a similar average of touchdowns per game. Meanwhile, Wilson had 34 interceptions and Wentz had 35 interceptions.

Wilson praises Carson Wentz

Recently, in an interview, Russell Wilson said that he had a chance to watch Carson play last season. He added that Carson played great football and that he was going to be a great soccer player for a long time. In addition, Seahawks QB spoke about Carson’s athletics. He mentioned the pitching of the Eagles quarterback and his ability to compete.


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