Cardinals will “take the league by storm”


Just over a year ago, the Arizona Cardinals were preparing to start their first season under the guidance of head coach Kliff Kingsbury, who was armed with first choice in the quarterback.

These cardinals finished 5-10-1. At least one of their main actors speaks as if he was about to overturn this record – and then some.

“I think the hype is warranted, to be honest,” ball carrier Kenyan Drake said in an appearance on Hello football Thursday. “When you add probably the best receiver in the league to DeAndre Hopkins, the most electric quarterback in the league to Kyler Murray, you add me to the fold, you add a few more pieces to the O line, in defense, you write a knife (from the Swiss army) at Isaiah Simmons, support line D and bring other people to build a big puzzle … (This) is what we have in Arizona. I feel like we’re going to go there and really take over the league, especially our division. ”

The last part of Drake’s quote might be the most surprising – even more than the disregard for the existence of Lamar Jackson, whose 2019 MVP would name him, not Murray, as the most electric in the NFL at his post. The Cardinals currently reside in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL, a group of four that includes defending NFC champions and another legitimate competitor in Seattle. It’s not exactly child’s play in NFC West.

These kids are ready for the job, according to Drake.

“This year we have another year under our belt,” said Drake. “Kyler has continued to improve, game after game, and now has another year under his belt. Kliff also has a year to his credit. I mean, it was so inexperienced. Now, with another year of this experience, we are really going to do what we need to do and let our talent speak for itself. ”

These cardinals are all about speed. Murray won the offensive rookie of the year title using his rare talents to achieve a completion rate of 64.4, a touchdown / interception ratio of 20-12 and a passer rating of 87.4. His 62 rushes in which he reached more than 15 mph were the most in the NFL (minimum 50 rushes), according to Next Gen Stats. This combination is a nightmare for opposing defenses.

Drake’s top speed that made him a coveted rookie in Alabama shone after he was traded from Miami, Arizona last season. Drake achieved more than 15 mph on 26.8% of his runs with the Cardinals, instead of reaching that speed limit on only 14.9% of his runs with the Dolphins in the same season. His 33 races over 15 mph were the second largest in the entire NFL in weeks 9-17 in 2019.


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