Card payments by fingerprint arrive in France in the fall


BNP Paribas will come out the VISA bank card in the course of the year. It will allow you to pay using your fingerprint to transactions that would normally require your four-digit PIN.Contactless payments will still be possible, but will be limited to € 50 per transaction, as is currently the case. In contrast, the system of payment by fingerprint has no limit.

As for the non-contact card, the first transaction will require the configuration of your PIN code, but after that, users will be able to pay using their printing.


The card has a small space on which you place your thumb or your finger, to pay by the thumb or fingerprint.

It is not necessary to touch the card reader of the merchant or to register your fingerprint on another device or the bank.

Your fingerprint data is stored on the card itself, and there is no “central registry” of your fingerprint, said BNP Paribas.

Romain Perray, lawyer at law firm McDermott Will & Emery, said the news source BFMTV: “This will greatly reduce the risk of [hacker] attack on what would otherwise be a centralized database. It is obviously much more complicated for hackers to target phones, and bank cards of every citizen. “

Payment at the time of Covid

The new technology has become increasingly relevant after Covid-19, said the bank, so that the people are looking to pay way more without contact to avoid touching surfaces.

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Jean-Marie Dragon, head of the electronic money and payments innovative at BNP Paribas Told BFMTV: “This is a project that we had begun prior to the coronavirus, but [the virus] has accelerated the trend of using non-contact, this product has now become even more necessary.

Biotechnology, as it is called, is already common on many digital devices, especially smartphones and laptops. Some use facial recognition to allow you to log on, while many others allow you to make payments or log in to apps using your fingerprint.

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