Canada Has Power At The End Of Meng Extradition, Bringing Canadians To China’s Home, Kovrig Wife Said


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Since January, China has prevented Canadian diplomats from visiting Kovrig and Spavor, citing COVID-19 restrictions.

Trudeau rejected suggestions that Canada should intervene to resolve the Meng case in an attempt to free Kovrig and Spavor.

“We continue to fight for both the independence of our justice system and Canadian interests,” said the Prime Minister. “We are working behind the scenes and in public to make sure everyone understands that we will continue to work very hard to get these Canadians home.”

Garnett Genuis, the Conservative critic on Sino-Canadian Relations, was critical of former Liberal Minister John Manley and Eddie Goldenberg, a former aide-de-camp to ex-Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien, for advocating for a exchange of prisoners to release Kovrig and Spavor.

“The Conservatives continue to call on Justin Trudeau to respect the independence of the Canadian justice system and to reject this position by executives from the Liberal government,” said Genuis.

Meng, the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies, lives in a Vancouver luxury home while his extradition sneaks through a British Columbia court.

The United States wants to prosecute Meng for fraud, alleging that she had lied to banks about her business connections to Iran, which could violate US sanctions.


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