Cam Newton posts vlog farewell to Caroline and hello to New England


Quarterback Cam Newton said goodbye to the Carolina Panthers in a vlog posted to his YouTube channel on Monday evening, the day after he agreed to deal with the Patriots for a year.The five-minute video includes footage of Newton working in Atlanta on March 17, the day the Panthers gave him permission to attempt a swap after nine seasons together. At the time, Newton was quick to make it clear publicly that he is not asking for a trade, a position, he also said in the vlog.

“Right now, I’m angry, I feel betrayed,” Newton said. “But at the same time, I’m not bitter, you know what I mean? I know from the first day that I arrived in this league, that this day was coming. ”

In the video, Newton reiterated that he didn’t want to part with the Panthers, but said that he finally asked for a trade because he realized the situation was at hand. Newton recognized the NFL is a business and, if he doesn’t yet know his next steps, he quoted a phrase from the end of rapper Nipsey Tourbillon: “The marathon continues.”

“I never wanted to leave Carolina,” Newton said. “Don’t let them make you believe anything else. It was their decision. I stuck with her, and I knew that, if I asked for an exchange. ”

The video makes the transition to the highlights of Newton’s NFL career, including when he was # 1 ranked in 2011 and when he won the 2015 MVP league award. There are also footage of community events, he organized in the Charlotte area.

Next, the video cuts to the undated Newton’s most recent clips of the surgery and the recovery process. The 31-year-old quarterback suffered a Lisfranc left foot fracture last season and underwent surgery in December. With Kanye West’s “Blood On The Leaves” of reading, the vlog showed Newton rehabbing in the weight room and pool, getting treatment, and throwing football.

He closed with him addressing the camera.

“Oh, what a feeling,” Newton said. “I’m so on my mind right now, but I’m going to keep this [expletive] in short: I am at your neck. ”


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