Calls for Newmarket Road McDonald’s to close if waste and congestion don’t stop


Cambridge City Councillors have written an open letter to McDonald’s asking them to take care of the waste and traffic of the restaurant’s causes on Newmarket Road. If the problems persist, councillors say, the drive-thru should close permanently until the problem is resolved.

McDonald’s newmarket Road reopened at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, June 3, and immediately created long queues on the roads around it.

The restaurant only reopened for takeaway food, so everyone was queuing for the drive-thru.

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The letter, written by Abbey councillors Nicky Massey, Richard Johnson and Haf Davies, calls for urgent resolution of the issues.

He said: “We write as Cambridge City Councillors for abbey ward regarding unacceptable traffic and litter caused by the reopening of the McDonald’s drive-thru.

“The reopening has led to an increase in traffic and traffic jams. There are long queues along Wadloes Road and Newmarket Road, and blockages on the busy Barnwell Road roundabout.

“Congestion is a cause of great frustration and inconvenience to local residents and is a serious concern about air pollution due to the number of idling vehicles.

Cllrs Nicky Massey, Richard Johnson, and Haf Davies

“In addition, the reopening has also resulted in a significant increase in the amount of waste dumped in the area.

“These issues need to be addressed urgently and, if no adequate solution is found, the drive must be closed until a robust and compliant traffic management plan is in place.

“We note that McDonald’s has made a statement informing customers that restaurants that pass by the road would close if their reopening created local disruption.”

A petition to move the McDonald’s permanently has garnered hundreds of signatures. Residents say their lives have improved while the restaurant was closed during the lockdown.

Do you think the restaurant should close until the litter and traffic is resolved? Let us know in the survey below.

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Should McDonald’s close?

McDonald’s has already put in place measures to direct traffic in the restaurant on Newmarket Road, but the problems continue. Click here to learn more about their efforts.


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