Calgary hiker dies in fall on Mount Fable in the Canadian Rockies


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A woman aged 40 years was found dead in the Rocky mountains, after being separated from her hiking group and take a major fall of Mount Fable.

Trina Ramanaden, of Calgary, was hiking with a group of friends and hikers, when she would have left his group to explore a cave on Mount Fable around 1 p.m. Sunday. When the group had not seen or heard of it, from 8: 30 a.m., they called the Kananaskis country Public Safety of the mountains to the east of the town of Canmore.

Rescue helicopters have been deployed.

Ramanaden body was spotted from the air on the south east ridge of the mountain. Officials of the Kananaskis country Public Safety has said, it seems that she had a major fall.

Atash Shiyarwala, an organizer of a local hiking club of Calgary, said Ramanaden has been one of the most daring and cheerful people he knew. They had met three years ago while hiking and had been good friends since.

“She was a good person, so full of energy. It was really a happy person, too,” Shiyarwala said on the phone Tuesday.

Ramanaden loved to take photos during his walks to keep a record of the memories made and mountainscapes that have been seen, Shiyarwala said.

His death is heartbreaking for Calgary hiking community, he said. Shiyarwala was intending to host a memorial hike for several weeks in order to celebrate the Ramanaden of life.

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