Buffalo police suspended after pushing 75-year-old protester


Two Buffalo police were suspended without pay Thursday night after a video showing them hustling a 75-year-old protester hospitalized with a head injury, authorities said.

Video taken by WBFO, a local radio station, shows the man approaching a group of officers during a demonstration following the death of George Floyd. After he stops in front of them to speak, an officer shouts, “push him away” three times; one officer pushes his arm into the man’s chest, while another extends his staff toward him with both hands.

The man is seen beating backwards, landing just out of range of the camera, with blood immediately spilling out of his right ear. The video shows an officer hunched over to examine him, but another officer then drives the first officer away. Several other officers are seen walking near the man, motionless on the ground, without watching him.

Mayor Byron Brown said Thursday that the man was in serious condition.

The video, which quickly spread to social media, added to an increasing number of videos from across the country that showed police responding to protests against police violence with more police violence. The fury of online supporters of the protests was exacerbated by the police department’s initial assertion thattripped and fell, “ a description in direct contradiction with the video.


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