BT Sport under pressure to not show the contrast of Tyson Fury with Deontay Wilder on the controversy matchmaker


BT Sport is under pressure not to show the other hand tyson Fury with Deontay Wilder following the claims of the lord to the alleged crime, who helped to negotiate an agreement for him to fight Anthony Joshua has also had a role in those affected for his trilogy of meetings with the American.Following the call from the irish prime minister Leo Varadkar for a boycott of sports and media Joshua-Fury on the involvement of Daniel Kinahan in the test of strength, proposed to two fights, Telegraph Sport has been said the king, presumed to be negotiated the last battle triumphant of the king of gypsies with Wilder and the third episode to come.

BT Sport – which has denied having a relationship with Kinahan – said on Friday he could not comment on the pressure exerted on it by Varadkar and other politicians on a fight Joshua-Fury that has not been “confirmed” and had ” not been offered to us.”

The giant of pay tv projected the two previous contests Fury with Wilder, the second in the framework of a multi-year contract multi-fight signed last year, and a source of boxing who had relations with Kinahan said Telegraph Sport the 42-year-old had “negotiated” this contest and Fury-Wilder III.

This has prompted calls for BT to not show them last, however, Neale Richmond, a member of the irish parliament and a party colleague of Varadkar.

“When it comes to the fight Fury-Joshua forward-looking, we know that Daniel Kinahan has been involved with the centre,” he said.

“And why it became such a big issue in the mainstream, it is because he has been checked three times in the promotion of it by Tyson Fury.

“If it turns out that he was the matchmaker for Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, all that has been said so far about Fury-Joshua stands.

“t, certainly, any broadcaster, any sponsor or any person of the international community of boxing must be aware that it is simply not acceptable to involve Daniel Kinahan at any level. ”

Kinahan has no criminal record, but the Office of property criminals his country has told the High Court in Dublin in 2018 that he had “managed and controlled” the operations of the drug trafficking cartel known who also smuggled weapons to fire in Ireland, the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

It would have also been cited by a police officer of a Spanish court in the same year as having ordered the murder of 2015 gangster rival Gary Hutch and would have been barred from entering the United States because of his alleged activities.

Now based in Dubai, the cartel is suspected to have led to have been involved in a quarrel which resulted in the death of 20 people in Ireland and in Spain.

The lawyers of Kinahan have already qualified the allegations against their client ” grossly defamatory “.

Neither they nor the representatives of the Fury had not replied to requests for comment on the details of the professional relationship of the couple, or if it would continue.

A spokesman for BT Sport said that the agreement it signed with Fury last year did not pay it “automatically” the rights of his next fight, adding: “BT is going through all the sports rights and broadcasting agreements with the appropriate levels of responsibility and review before you decide on a plan of action. “


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