Bruce Springsteen to Donale Trump: “Put on an F *** ing Mask”


“I get up in the evening, and I ain’t got nothin” to say, “is the start line for rock legend Bruce Springsteen hit Dancing in the dark.But that certainly wasn’t Springsteen’s problem this week when hosting its Sirius XM radio show From My Home to Yours. Springsteen reflected on the sad state of the union and the apparent disregard for the effects of the White House pandemic.

With President Donald Trump set for his first rally this weekend after a long month of the hiatus-induced pandemic, Springsteen’s criticism of the President for casualties as “troublesome statistics for his re-election efforts” could not be more timely .

Listen below.

On spiritual accompaniment “to the River to Pray,” Springsteen says:

“I had another show prepared for airing this week on this weird and eventful summer, but with over 100 thousand Americans dying in the past few months, and the void, the ashamed of our leaders’ response, I was just pissed off. These lives deserved better than being just inconvenient statistics for our President of the re-election of efforts. It’s a national disgrace. “

The Born in the united states the singer continued:

“So if you’re ready for rock and roll requiem, stay tuned. I’m going to start by sending one to the man behind the resolute desk: With all due respect, sir, show the consideration and care of your compatriots and your country. Put on a f *** ing mask. “

Then he dedicated the next song he played — Bob Dylan The Disease of Pride—for the President.

Trump’s refusal to wear a mask in public, fearing it would make him look weak, has become a symbol for some of his greater reluctance to grasp the threat posed by this virus. The Vice President and White House staff are often seen not wearing masks, despite White House officials’ own recommendations that all Americans take care to do so in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

People sang Springsteen in praise for the message.

He is far from alone in urging the President to wear a mask in the hope that his supporters will follow suit.

Participants in the rally are required to sign a disclaimer in the event that they have contracted the virus. The death tolls increased by almost 120 thousand.


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