Bruce Prichard will direct WWE Raw, SmackDown Creative; Paul Heyman Focusing In-Ring | Laundress Report


Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Paul Heyman came out as the main writer for Monday Night Raw.

WWE announced Thursday that Bruce Pritchard, who heads the SmackDown editorial team, will take over the leadership of Raw as part of a consolidated editorial team. Heyman will focus on his role in the ring as a defender for Brock Lesnar.

It remains to be seen whether this is a wise choice.

Pritchard took over SmackDown in October and has been WWE’s worst quality product ever since. SmackDown focused on larger scenarios and concepts in Pritchard, while Heyman pushed several underused talents to the fore on Raw.

WWE, like all live event sports, struggled to introduce itself to an audience during the coronavirus pandemic. Much of the struggle is about a call and a response between fans, and it’s hard to imagine real quality jumps until the fans can come back.


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