British Coronavirus LIVE: Over 51,000 dead as Boris Johnson to chair cabinet talks on lockout


Scottish government creates new panel to study impact of coronavirus on ethnic minoritiesNicola Sturgeon said that although initial data from Public Health Scotland “does not seem to show” that people from ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected by the coronavirus, the Scottish government is setting up a new group to examine the impact of the disease on this group.

“The Scottish government has already allocated more than £ 500,000 to organizations that work directly with ethnic minority groups across Scotland,” said the Prime Minister.

“But we know we may have to do more. That’s why I’m creating a new benchmark expert group of academics and other advisers. ”

The group will examine the evidence on the coronavirus “to assess the impact of the virus on ethnic minority communities,” said Ms. Sturgeon.

And it can also make recommendations to ministers on what can be done to resolve the problems.

“I hope that this reference group of experts will ensure that our response to Covid-19 takes full account of the needs and experiences of our ethnic minority communities,” she added.


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