British cinemas to experience worst year since 1996 due to coronavirus | Movie


The UK film industry is on track for its worst year since 1996, with box office and advertising revenues expected to drop by nearly £ 900 million due to the impact of Covid-19.The government has given the green light to the reopening of cinemas in England from July 4 – with security measures, including a two-seat spacing and a ban on the pick-n ‘self-service mix – and operators are desperately looking for to recover something from this annus horribilis.

Cinema owners were counting on the return of the first Hollywood blockbusters in the form of Disney’s latest science fiction Tenet and Christopher Nolan’s Mulan later this month to relaunch their year. However, they suffered a blow at the end of last week when the premieres of the two films were pushed back again, to August 12 and 21 respectively, further delaying what should already be a slow recovery.

With a calendar devoid of new Hollywood blockbusters, movie operators must initially fall back on low-income launch calendars filled mainly with classics and old hits such as Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Empire Strikes Back and franchises such than Harry Potter, Twilight and Fast and furious. The release of new fares includes stops before Covid closed like 1917 and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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