Brian Dowling denounces Davina McCall for stoking the flames of Big Brother Row


Big Brother star Brian Dowling posted an emotionally charged statement on Instagram no later than his public line with the hit reality show about the Best Shows Ever series. The argument started earlier this week when Brian said he felt “hurt and upset” that he “was not referenced as a Big Brother host at all” in the new series, which is traveling to the past to celebrate the greatest iconic moments program.

Instead, he was only mentioned as a roommate, despite the presentation of six series from 2011 to 2013.

Brian, 42, didn’t hold onto his Instagram story when he talked about the argument “triggering a lot of mental health issues” for him.

He wrote, “I can’t believe I’m still in this position where I have to justify my feelings about BIG BROTHER. ”

He then released a lengthy statement to former show host Davina McCall, criticizing her for continuing to “fan the flames” of the lingering tensions between him and the show “on social media and the press.”

Brian Dowling said his experience with Big Brother had a negative impact on his mental health and his career

He was responding to a comment that Davina, 52, had posted on Twitter about her non-appearance in the Best Shows Ever series, which said, “Just a FYI, we asked @Brianofficial to be part of the series. He was the ultimate roommate !! !! it was obvious. ”

In his statement, he asked for the motivation behind Davina’s tweet, saying, “‘ Why did you think it was appropriate to publish this? Even if you were asked, you would surely be aware that it would make me look bad and incite bad comments about me, when you did not know why I would have refused to participate? ”

He added, “Did I refuse you personally? No.

“Did you or anyone else ask me why I could have refused it? No. “

Davina Mccall tweeted that Brian had been invited to appear on the show

The Irish-born presenter also explained how his experience with the series – particularly how his presentation concert ended – affected his mental health.

He said, “I didn’t refuse to film a 10-second clip as an insult to you or Rylan. I said no because it again highlighted how I am treated by the producers of this show and it triggered a lot of mental health issues for me again.

“When I was fired, I was hurt, upset and publicly humiliated. My mental health and confidence has suffered tremendously over the past seven years because of this and other events that have occurred while I was hosting. “

Emma Willis replaced Brian Dowling as host of Big Brother in 2013

He added, “My career ended because I couldn’t even consider working on television for a good number of years after that and my reputation was damaged. ”

He also shared how Davina’s tweet had caused more trauma to him and cited him as the reason he wanted to speak so intensely.

“Once I saw your tweet and the amount of vitriol and abuse I got in response, I felt like I had to post something explaining why I didn’t want to film the clip,” he said. he continued.

“It was not something I wanted to do, but I felt I had no choice given the amount of poison and criticism I received personally. ”

Brian, who won Big Brother in 2001 and Ultimate Big Brother in 2010, had previously participated in the fair for hiring Emma Willis as a host behind his back, claiming that he only found out about his dismissal after reading about it in a newspaper.


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