“Brexit” shots fired as France warns ‘ it will not be in a hurry rushing for brexit deal | UK | News


Brexit trade negotiations have been at a standstill for months, but earlier this week, Boris Johnson, is committed to accelerating the negotiations to ensure an agreement is in place by December. The Prime Minister has insisted the European Union and the united KINGDOM, the negotiating teams must ramp discussions over the summer to ensure the agreement is implemented in time for great Britain to conclude the transition period at the time. But France is in Europe the Minister of Amelie of Montchaline Friday hit to Mr Johnson warning that Brussels will not be pressed by the united KINGDOM calendar.

Speaking to Europe 1, Mme de Montchalin, said: “We will not give in to this kind of schedule pressure, for that final sprint that the British want to impose on us hoping that we will give in.”We don’t want a deal for a case. We want an agreement, but we want a balanced agreement, a good agreement, an agreement of protection. ”

Ms. de Montchalin insisted on the ties that bind the european UNION Britain will not be broken because of “brexit” but she insisted the bloc wants to ensure a future agreement protects both sides.

It has also been suggested that the UK would need an agreement of “more” than the rest of the block because of the devastating impact of a second wave of the sars coronavirus could have on the country.

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She continued: “The bonds of friendship that we have with the British are not reducible by brexit.

“We have a common history, we have a shared commitment and we have common values.

“In all honesty, those who are in need of an agreement are the British. They will not be able to withstand a second shock after COVID-19 and they do not have access to the European safety net, the European fund. ”

Asked if she could take a treat from the table, Mrs. de Montchalin, has insisted nothing has been ruled out for the moment.

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The warning comes less than 24 hours after Boris Johnson, met with the French President, Emmanuel Macron, London.

The pair met to mark the 80 anniversary of the famous war speeches of Charles de Gaulle’s broadcast urging the French to resist the Nazi invasion.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister and Mr. Macron discussed the state of negotiations, with the Number 10, saying Mr Johnson “welcomed the agreement to intensify discussions in July “.

A spokesman for Downing Street said that the Prime Minister has reaffirmed the united KINGDOM Government “does not believe that it makes sense for there to be prolonged negotiations until the autumn “.


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