Break down the main offensive objectives of the FSU for the recruiting class 2022


While Florida State football coaches still have work to do with their 2021 recruiting class, the Seminoles also laid the foundation for the 2022 class.This week, we will take a closer look at 25 prospects who are already prominently displayed for the Seminoles. Today, 12 targets in attack, as well as a few other perspectives are worth watching.

Later this week, we will finish the full list of 25 with 13 defending targets.

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The Skinny on FSU and QB MJ MorrisMorris is very impressed with how head coach Mike Norvell developed shifts, and he also talks with attacking coordinator Kenny Dillingham at least once a week. The pair seem to have been really successful.

Georgia is probably the big concern here because the Bulldogs are very hard to beat for kids in the state, but FSU has pushed the right buttons so far. It is important to note that Morris has not yet indicated that the UGA is his leader, and he was very high on the ‘Noles when we spoke with him. In the end, however, we know from history that Georgia is likely to be the favorite.

The Skinny on FSU and QB Nicco Marchiol

I feel very good about where FSU is located here. I have already put a “Forecast” for FSU with Marchiol, because this recruitment is very similar to 2021 Luke Altmyer’s commitment. The four-star QB seems to have a very close connection with Norvell and Dillingham.

The ‘Noles have made Marchiol and Morris a top priority, and it may be the one where the first one to jump on board gets the spot. I said on the boards that I believe Marchiol will be this guy, but we don’t know yet if the ‘Noles could end up taking two QBs in this class.

More shifts to watch for FSU

Holden Geriner, Tanner Bailey, Ty Simpson, Maalik Murphy, Jacurri Brown, Braden Davis

I would say Simpson, Geriner and Davis are the ones to watch after the first two. I would probably even throw Bailey in this mix, but I think he probably stays fit with Auburn or Alabama, which is why I didn’t rank him before these other guys.


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