Bray Wyatt Raises The Dead, “Said Braun Strowman ” Follow The Buzzards’


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown ended in the mystery, as Bray Wyatt makes his return in a new episode of Firefly Funhouse, and has brought with him an old character who has not appeared for some time.

During the episode of the Funhouse, Wyatt spoke briefly about some of what he has done since we’ve last seen him, a hobby that included joining a book club, knitting, and learning how to bring people back from the dead. Before he could speak more, however, Braun Strowman quickly interrupted him, which runs down to the ring and tell Wyatt that he had the opportunity to take on him and win the WWE Universal Championship, but failed, and today the pair has been done.

Unfortunately for Strowman, Wyatt has not been done, though. Wyatt just laughed the message, saying Strowman that, although the chapter can be closed, he had not lied about bringing back the dead. From there, the old Bray Wyatt – complete with straw hat and Hawaiian shirt, he appeared on the screen, say Strowman that, to go forward, they must first take a step back. It was very surprising end, and will leave the fans with tons of questions ranging from the front, so it will be interesting to see where Wyatt and Strowman to go from here.

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