Bowers and Wilkins expected to be acquired by Sound United


Big hi-fi news this morning, as the word comes to us that Sound United has reached a preliminary agreement to acquire Bowers-Wilkins.Sound United is a holding company of a U.S.-based private equity firm, and already owns Boston Acoustics, Classé, Definitive Technology, Denon, HEOS, Marantz and Polk Audio. Now, in a brief statement, he seems ready to add arguably the biggest name in the British hi-fi.

Kevin Duffy, CEO of Sound United, said: “Over five decades, Bowers and Wilkins have built one of the most prestigious brands in the global speaker market with iconic acoustic engineering, design and marketing, industry leader. We look forward to the final transaction. This reflects Sound United’s unwavering goal of achieving its mission of bringing joy to the world through sound.

Earlier this year, the company confirmed the restructuring following the departure of their CEO and the sour relationship with Eva Automation, a Silicon Valley start-up that acquired the brand in 2016.

Eva Automation had led the launch of B-W Formation, the company’s first multi-piece wireless system, with rumors that then swirled around the success or otherwise tastes of the B-W Formation Duo. Now it seems that a new investor will have to take the venerable British audio company forward.

The proposed transaction would be subject to ongoing discussions – more details as we get them.


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