Bottles of wine (and brilliant virtual wine tours), which offer a real taste of the south of France


I enjoyed walking around the vineyards of southwest France this week. That virtually, of course – and not the person. I followed the early morning hikes, from British winemaker Katie Jones on Instagram Direct, and catching up with her previous posts on YouTube. Jones has recorded a walk among his Roussillon varietals every day of the week since the end of April, and his travels have taken him with hundreds of wine lovers.Originally, she made a short film for her parents, who were unable to visit her Jones Estate during a lockdown. Then she decided to go public, “bringing the South of France to every home”, with a close look at the grape varieties, the characteristics of the landscape around her house in the city of Tuchan, and Q & As with viewers all time. Sometimes her husband winemaker, Jean-Marc Astruc, joins the hike, at other times his 84-year-old father, Roger, doesn’t. They make an amiable and very competent trio.

Jones movies feel calm and intimate; they have a touch from the BBC, Springwatch about them. Botany, birds and wild boars are all in place for discussion. Viewers helped name Astruc small tractor (“Servant”) and gatecrashed Roger on his attribution. It’s kind of nice to participate even if, at 7:30 a.m. UK time, you can go hiking and see me with coffee in hand rather than a glass of wine.

Jones loves her too much, she says she enjoys a break, going to sell her wine and the chance to “get to know my vineyards a lot better” instead. Join her live on Instagram @domainejones from Monday to Friday, or whenever you want on YouTube.


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