Book project celebrates pandemic city


A new coffee table book is being created to celebrate Toronto during COVID-19.It’s an empty city … empty parks, stadiums and popular gathering places.

The book is intended to show how Toronto is still a force to be reckoned with even during a pandemic.

Toronto photographer Randy Van Der Starren donated his skills to the project.

Van Der Starren was in North York on Thursday on Coral Gable Dr. to capture images of a majestic red oak.

“What I can share is that I hope to photograph the oak tree as a symbol of perseverance and lasting hope as our city and our planet face COVID-19,” said Van Der Starren.

“Deputy Mayor Michael Thompson and the City of Toronto have asked me to create a photo book and exhibit that will show how we not only cope with this virus, but triumph over it.”

Although the book has yet to be named and there is no release date, it is hoped that it will go on sale before Christmas.

There were filmings in 60 emblematic places of Toronto and in some less known places.

Randy Van Der Starren of Take Your Seat takes photos of a tree in Toronto on Thursday June 18, 2020. DAVE ABEL / TORONTO SUN

“Mission and privilege quite incredible. We gave our time to the project. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the book will go to DonateTO, the city’s omnibus charity, “said Van Der Starren.

Thompson says the city should be documented during the pandemic.

“It is a state that we could not imagine,” he said. “We thought it would be great to capture the city in this state as we rebuild and show the difference for the story. To capture the city in this matter. ”

Thompson says he had to “move heaven and earth” to gain access to places like High Park to shoot the cherry blossoms while the park was locked out.

“We had to make sure we captured these moments in history,” said Thompson.

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