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Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson admits his fame has helped launch his career, but he claims that he became an obstacle


The fame game: Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson (pictured in February) has admitted to having a famous father has helped her “take the door” of the world – but it later became a ‘hurdle’

Speaking in an interview this week with the Radio Times, she said: “at the beginning, I think it was easier for me to get in the door. Some of my friends, I went to the Tisch with most of the actors are talented, but have difficulty in obtaining a hearing.

“That has never been a problem for me, and I think it is because of my family. This is not how the system should work, of course, but if the door is open, walk through the door.

“It can become a bit of a barrier, because they can’t separate you from your father, or to see a particular person.

“Often, they have very low expectations, and they really don’t think you’re going to be good. And then you’re good enough, and they are quite surprised.’

Eve has also revealed his plan to return to work in March went quickly downhill when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

The Bridge Of Spies and Robin hood actress was in New York, during the rapid spread of Covid-19 turned into a pandemic.

She decided to flea the country and return to Ireland, 16 March – the day the U.S. government announced a ban on all non-U.S. citizens traveling in Europe, the united KINGDOM and Ireland.

She said: “I’ve never loved a city more than New York, I lived there for 10 years and it is my favourite city in the world, so it is a very strange thing that I can’t go back to the moment.’

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Hard: screen star claimed filmmakers, and fellow actors often can’t separate you from your father, or see you as a person ” (in the photo in this must be The Place 2011)

Eve is in the process of moving from the isolation cell in his hometown of Dublin and lives with his whole family.

The actress has said that it is wonderful to be able to spend a lot of time with his brothers and sisters, Jordan, 31, and Elijah, 20, and John, 19, without the distractions of normal life.

And his family is composed of creations helped to keep them entertained. His sister, Jordan, is a poet and his brother is a musician.

His mother, Ali, is an activist and business woman, while his father, Paul, who is better known as Bono of U2.

Eve has had to spend six months filming in New Zealand, where she played a role in his first drama for the BBC, The aerial game of Anna Wetherell.

Then, she is especially enjoying time with his family because no one was able to fly and visit her during the time of filming.

Anna Wetherell is the heroine of the six-part period drama adapted from the Man Booker prize-winning novel by Eleanor Catton.

Six years ago, she played nurse Lucy Elkins in the HBO series The Knick opposite Clive Owen as drug-addicts, Dr. John Thackery. Eve has also played Tom Hanks ‘ daughter in the Bridge of Spies by 2015.

But Eve admits she does not always know she wanted to be an actor.

She said: “I was a very bad student. I was one of those kids that, ” I’m not going to apply myself, it is all bulls**t, why am I here? “

“I had to go on my own to North Carolina for the film while everyone was at school, that was when I realized that this was what I wanted to do. “

However, although his parents were supportive of his ambitions, they still had doubts about its success.

The pair has tried to prepare their daughter for the inevitable rejection that every actor must face, but when Eve moved to New York city at the age of 18 to study drama at the Tisch School of the Arts, his parents moved for a while also.

One, she has completed studies in theatre, she first appeared in Paolo Sorrentino’s This Must Be the Place alongside Sean Penn and Frances McDormand.

She then played the role of James Gandolfini, the daughter of Nicole Holofcener’s Enough Said.

More recently, she has starred in a psychological mini-series for Netflix – Behind His Eyes and the film Tesla with Ethan Hawke.


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