Bon Appetit editor Adam Rapoport resigns after reacting to treatment of people of color – Variety


Adam Rapoport, after almost 10 years as editor of Bon Appetit magazine, resigned after controversy erupted over the editor’s treatment of staff of color and his insensitivity to racial issues – including an old photo of him with a brown face.Rapoport posted news of his resignation from the food publication Condé Nast on Instagram.

“I am resigning from my post as editor of Bon Appetit to reflect on the work I have to do as a human being and to allow Bon Appetit to go to a better place,” he wrote.

Rapoport said he had “blind spots as an editor,” writing, “I didn’t stand up for an inclusive vision.”

Its release comes after Rapoport was criticized on social media for Bon Appetit’s practices, including an allegation by Sohla El-Waylly, a chef and restaurateur whom Bon Appetit hired last year as associate editor , according to which the magazine pays white publishers to appear in videos but not people of color. (Condé Nast denied this accusation.)

In his Instagram article, Rapoport made reference to a photo posted on social media on Monday showing him with a brown face. Rapoport said it was a “poorly designed Halloween costume 16 years ago”.

In addition to El-Waylly, other Bon Appetit publishers – including Molly Baz and Carla Lalli Music – called on Rapoport on Monday to withdraw.

” The [Bon Appetit] staff have worked hard to move the brand in a positive and more diverse direction, ”wrote Rapoport. “I will do my best to support this work, but I am not the leader for this work. I am deeply sorry for my failures and for the position in which I placed BA’s editors. ”

Condé Nast did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Rapoport’s resignation.

On the other hand, on Monday at the EIC29 global refinery, Christene Barberich announced that she was stepping down after accusations of R29’s lack of racial diversity and allegations of former staff members of racial discrimination in the publication for women, now owned by Vice Media Group.

Before being named Bon Appetit’s EIC in 2010, Rapoport was a style editor at GQ, another publication by Condé Nast. Before joining GQ in 2000, he was restaurant editor for Time Out New York and editor and writer at the Publications Office of the James Beard Foundation.


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