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This critics are there and critics have said that Bob Dylan’s new album was the best in years. Of course, yes, some outlets like to add this nickname to each of its outings, but this is for real this time! Take it from the critical aggregator Metacritic, where Rough and Rowdy Ways ranks just after Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters as the best reviewed album of 2020 so far. (A nice coincidence, given that Apple appears on the album.)In his five-star review, Guardian chief rock and pop critic Alexis Petridis summed up the dark humor running through the album: “If you think everything has turned into shit now, Rough and Rowdy Ways insist, just wait. However, he adds, “despite all his gloom, Rough and Rowdy Ways may well be Bob Dylan’s most brilliant series of songs in years.”

Critic Amanda Petrusich described him in the New Yorker as “feeling unusually in tune with the times” for a Dylan album. Two months after the release of the single teaser Murder Most Foul (if a 17-minute single counts as a teaser), words like “We will kill you with hatred / Without any respect / We will make fun of you and shock you / And we you will put it in front ”struck differently, she wrote. “Dylan has spent decades seeing and chronicling American injustice.”

Bob Dylan: I decided to give myself to you – video

Where Petrusich found political coherence, Pitchfork’s Sam Sodomsky located the novelty in Dylan’s emotional approach. “This is Dylan’s rare album that needs to be understood, that comes back to meet its audience,” he wrote. “In these songs, death is not a thick fog that hovers over all horizons; he is a man murdered before the eyes of the country, an event with a time, place and date. And love is not a Shakespearean riddle or a vigorous joke; it’s a delicate pact between two people, something you decide and dedicate yourself to. “


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