Bob Dylan breaks the drought that lasts for years with the album “Rough and Rowdy Ways”: stream it now


Bob Dylan’s career stage has been full of surprises. There was, of course, his decision to “plug in” to the Newport Folk Festival in 1965, and his consistent refusal to play the showbiz.

The list of moments curious Dylan is awesome, its fun brushed when Michael Parkinson asked him if he was going to sit down for an interview, to keep her marriage secret for six years, at the launch of a brand of whisky and was a commercial success surprising was his album of Frank Sinatra blankets.

There is still a surprise for the list. A new album, Tract raw and raucousin which he explores the life, death and the many twists and turns between the two. It is his first LP of original compositions in eight years.

The latest effort from Hall of Famer, 79 years old, spans 10 tracks and includes the works of previously published ” Murder Most Foul “, “I Contain Multitudes” and ” False Prophet “.

The last album of Dylan was the triple set of 2017 Triplicatea compilation of 30 songs of”air american classic” which was a follow-up to the 2016 Fallen angels and 2015 Shadows in the night.

For her LP the most recent original works, you must come back to Storm.

The legendary artist recently gave a rare interview to the New York Times in which he discussed mortality and is inspired by the past for his new album.

Current Tract raw and raucous below.


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