Bob Baffert is smiling and wears a other scandal of horse racing


The day that Bob Baffert will cease from making jokes will be the day when he will cease to breathe. He is always ready with a joke – some hilarious, some moving away to a taste questionable. This is how he rolls, in good as in bad times.Thus, the greatest trainer of racing thoroughbreds of the United States was eager to tell the line that someone recently dropped it on him: “Your barn looks like Nieman-Marcus, after having been pillaged. ”

In what is without doubt the worst month of his career with the spectacular success, the analogy is both credible and accurate. The merch fantasy has suddenly disappeared from the barn’s top of the range Baffert.

His foals 3 years of age, undefeated, both were wounded: one, Nadal, with a fracture of the leg in the end of a career; the other, a Charlatan, with a problem ankle less than that which the held in the gap of the Belmont Stakes on Saturday and the Kentucky Derby in September. And then there was the sudden death of one of the greatest horses to Baffert, the standard retirement Arrogate, at the age of seven years. And there are the cloud’s persistent testing positive for Charlatan and Stablemate Kid, dating from the time when these horses have ran the Arkansas Derby at Oaklawn Race course on may 2.

The director of the Arkansas Racing Commission, Smokey Campbell, said Sports Illustrated this week that the State is still awaiting the results of the second samples of the horses. These samples could confirm or refute the first positive tests, that the New York Times reported was related to the lidocaine, a numbing agent topical. If they come back positive, Quack will be disqualified as the winner of the Derby to Arkansas, Baffert could face a suspension.


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