Blue Jays announce initial pooling of 60 players


Today marks the deadline for teams to submit their training player pools to the Major League Baseball in the spring, which can include up to 60 players. Players are not permitted to participate in spring training or a regular season game until they are included in the pool. Teams are free to change the composition of the pools as they see fit. However, players removed from the 60 players on a team (for reasons unrelated to injury, suspension, etc.) must be exposed to other organizations through trade or waivers.Of course, not all players in a team pool receive an MLB playtime ticket. Most teams will include well-regarded but still distant prospects as a way to get them to train representatives without intending to use them on a major league diamond this season. A full review of the unique set of 2020 rules is available here.

The initial Blue Jays player pool is made up of the following players.

Right-handed pitchers

Left-handed pitchers





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