Black Lives Matter: protesters of the cenotaph “protect” the monument to the dead


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Dozens of bikers attended the event to Bristol

Hundreds of protesters have gathered around the cenotaph in the centre of Bristol.

About 400 fans of football, war veterans and bikers were part of those who came to the city to “protect” the monument to the dead.

They were far more numerous than a group of protesters in Black Lives Matter protests a week after the overthrow of a statue of the merchant’s slaves, Edward Colston.

A large number of police officers stood between the two groups, although only skirmishes minor have been reported.

The event began at noon with a raucous parade of bikers on the roads around the cenotaph, a few meters from the dock empty, where was the statue of Colston.

Churchill songs

They are gone in the applause of the people gathered at the cenotaph.

Once gone, screams were exchanged between the groups opposing.

You could hear those gathered around the cenotaph to shout “scum” and “fascist” supporters of Black Lives Matter.

They also chanted ” there’s only one Winston Churchill … “, before bursting into ” God Save The Queen.

Nearby, a dozen supporters of the group Black Lives Matter gathered with placards, handwritten and stood in silence watching the main event.

Although the event was largely peaceful, the officers intervened to separate the protesters, when a man has begun to remove the signs left by the demonstrators, anti-racist at the foot of the pedestal of the statue of Colston.

He was stopped by others at the gathering.

Events in England

Another man has briefly climbed to the dock and deployed a Union flag to the applause and singing.

Posters shared online prior to the event had called on the fans of the football clubs Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Cardiff City, Newport and Swindon to come in the city to protect the cenotaph.

During a wave of protests last week, of statues across the country, including a sculpture of Winston Churchill in London, have been erased.

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A man has tried to put up signs Black Lives Matter in a trash bag, but was stopped by other protesters

Elsewhere, protests Black Lives Matter took place in Gloucester and Shepton Mallet.

About 600 people took part in an event in Black Lives Matter at Gloucester Park.

The protesters observing the rules of social distancing were joined by police as they knelt for eight minutes, and 46 seconds, the time during which George Floyd was retained by the police in Minnesota before his death, sparking outrage across the world.

At Shepton Mallet, about a hundred people gathered at the bandstand of Collett Park.

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Protesters at Gloucester Park knelt to the memory of George Floyd


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