Billie Eilish Stalker Gets Three Years Of The Protection Order


A judge has extended by three years a restraining order taken by Billie Eilish against a man who has appeared several times at her Los Angeles home.

In a hearing, a Superior Court Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman agreed to the extension of the May 11, in order to prevent the 24-year-old Prenell Rousseau, of Farmingville, New York from attempting to contact or come within 100 yards (91 meters) of the 18-year-old pop star or his or her parents.

Eilish, his lawyer and his parents telephoned the hearing, held in a room that was empty except for a reporter from the Associated Press and the staff of the court by reason of the tightening of the coronavirus restrictions. All, including the judge wore masks.

The order also prohibits Rousseau assault, or harassment of the family, or to come near Eilish places of work.

Neither Rousseau, nor a lawyer appeared at the hearing. Messages left possible with parents looking for comments from him were not immediately returned.

Eilish listened by phone, but did not speak. Both of her parents replied ” yes ” when the judge asked them if they would like to be included in the order.

Eilish said in the court documents, as Rousseau has demonstrated “erratic behavior”, as it appeared to the house she shares with her parents seven times at 4 and 5 until he was eventually arrested for trespassing.

His lawyer, Mark D. Passin asked the judge for a five-year period of the protection order, but Gould-Saltman set about three years after hearing that Rousseau had made no attempt to contact Eilish or his family outside of these two days.

The judge said she was not trying to minimize the threat, and stressed that the order can be modified and extended if necessary.

In his first appearance in the house, Rousseau rang at the door and asked Eilish to the father through the surveillance camera, if it has lived, and persisted after he said that he had the wrong house.

The family has called their private security service when he returned later the same evening.

“While we waited for the security, Mr. Rousseau remained on our front porch, sat down and began to read a book, while continuing to engage in a periodic monologue,” Eilish said in the court documents. “My father repeatedly asked him to leave, but he refused.”

The documents say Eilish and her family were frightened by Rousseau, in part because he is not wearing a mask in five of his appearances at home, and repeatedly touched the door bell and the door handle without gloves.


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