Bill Maher: Blacks Must Demand Whites “Stop Culturally Crazy About Racism”


HBO’s Bill maherWilliam (Bill) MaherBill Maher tees off on “f – ing stupid” defund the police “Bill Maher:” The reckless experience “of coronavirus closings may have fueled Floyd’s protests Bill Maher offers a list of signs that you are a Karen: “You were voted the most likely to arrest a citizen” MORE argued in its closing monologue on Friday evening that “white people must stop trying to cancel other people” who are well-intentioned “but don’t do it right the first time.”The host “in real time” expressed concerns during his program that “the guards of the” gotcha “” will push us back towards a sort of reclassification.

“Black people must demand that white people stop culturally appropriating how crazy they are about racism,” said Maher from his backyard studio in Los Angeles. “Is it great that the Caucasians have finally joined the fight for racial justice in unprecedented numbers, but hate racism the most?” You can’t steal this! Elvis stealing Little Richard’s act – it’s bad enough. ”

The host spoke of several examples of attempted shame and misunderstanding, including mocking an incident involving Oakland, Calif., Mayor Libby Schaaf (D) this month.

Schaaf had launched a hate crime investigation into what was described as “sliding knots” found in a city park that turned out to be an exercise rig built by an African American man.

“Why does this white woman see racism where a black man is not? Asked Maher. “The mayor also said,” Intentions don’t matter, “but they do matter. And white people should stop trying to cancel other white people whose hearts were in the right place but didn’t do it right the first time. ”

The host also highlighted Sacramento, Calif., Sports reporter Grant Napear, who was fired earlier this month for tweeting “ALL LIVES MATTER” in response to a fan question about the Black Lives Matter movement .

“I’m afraid that the kind of tension that the keepers of the” gotcha “create will cause people to be afraid to mingle at all and push us towards a kind of re-aggregation, where instead of seeing only one person and not a color, now we only see the color, “said Maher. “Maybe it’s old-school liberalism, but I don’t think that’s the way to go. ”

Liberalism, he added, “should aim to uplift people instead of slapping people who try to say,” I’m on your side “”.

Maher’s comment echoes a theme he highlighted in his program before about “undoing culture”.

“I think this” culture cancellation “is a cancer of progressivism,” said Maher on March 7. “The Liberals must always wage war on two fronts. Republicans only have to fight the Democrats; Democrats must fight Republicans and against each other. ”

“Real Time” launched on HBO in 2003.


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