Bill And Ted, Matrix 4, others are moving their dates out


Yesterday served as a powerful recall that the current schedule of release of movies is not a solid structure ā€“ on which an industry of billions of dollars could comfortably rest ā€“ it is a rickety structure of gelatin and porcelain, just waiting for someone to despise Mr. Bean in at any time . This became all too clear after Warner Bros.revealed that, in fact, now that he thinks about may be that the Tenet Christopher Nolan do risk not of ruin at the box office / the status of a super-spreader pandemic as the first blockbuster of the summer open on time on July 17. And if the movie does not fall technically only two weeks back, the waves are quickly attenuatedstarting with Warner Bros. ” next big output, Wonder Woman 1984 and just kind of spread from there.

For example: this movement Wonder Woman the result is now scheduled for 2 October, was then forced Universal to adjust his calendar, moving the film “Tom Hanks teaches a robot to love his dog” (yes, really) Bios from this date onwards. During this time, Bill And Ted Face The Music advanced dā€™ a week, until the 14 August, taking the place that Wonder Woman has left. Universal and MGM also took the opportunity to go back five days film of the Daniel Craig Bond No Time To Die one of the first victims of the closure of the theatre COVID-19, leaving him directly in front of Disney’s Soul , the 20 November. It has moved away from its resting place before the Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, perhaps to give the film time to develop before the holidays.

While all this was going on , Warner Bros.continued tinkering with his schedule throughout the night of Friday, back The Matrix 4 in the spring of 2022 (from a previous version of the may 21, 2021), moving The Witches of Robert Zemeckis, the complete restart of the calendar, and bumping his Tom and Jerry feature film dā€™ animation back several months. Oh, and Godzilla! C An’t forget about Godzilla: Adam Wingard Godzilla vs. Kong Warner Bros, which distributes, has been moved to again The Matrix old place ( the May 21, 2021), probably because he doesn’t want to have to battle with James Bond and Pixar, November 20 now very crowded.

And hey, here’s the thing: all of these maneuvers film of great power? This could be completely and totally meaningless because nobody knows if movie theaters will be even open at the time one of these dates will happen. After all, n obody wants to be the studio that has spent 2 00 million (the low estimate of the budget Tenet ) for a film , only for it to flopte because the rate of COVID-19 have started to rise a week before its release. Of plus, all of these schedules are essentially become sand castles the most expensive and the most argumentative in the world . And of course, you could argue that, by completing, finally, the promise of a third Bill And Tedfilm, Hollywood has already satisfied its reason for being, and we can all take it as a job well done . But the film has yet to come out, good blood, and even with these new dates, hypothetical, we do have honestly no idea as to when this might be.


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