Big Brother Transformations – Stars Are Totally Different Now After Finding Glory In The Series


In the past two weeks, Big Brother fans have taken advantage of night trips in memory for the Best Shows Ever special series, marking the 20th anniversary of the reality show program.

Viewers have remembered some of the most iconic competitors to adorn the famous Diary Room chairs over the years – including Kate Lawler, Pete Bennett and Aisleyne.

But a lot has changed in the past 20 years, including the stars of Big Brother – and here is a look at some of the biggest transformations in Big Brother:


Glyn was a Big Brother finalist 7 to 18 years old


Glyn entered Big Brother 7 in 2006 at the age of 18.

Fans watched him become a major in the series, including the infamous moment when he boiled an egg “for the very first time.”

The Welsh finalist may have had one of the biggest transformations over the years, and now online fans are swooning with his great photos.

Jason appeared in Big Brother 5


Jason entered the house in 2004 with just a pair of tiny Leopard-print Speedos and a bow tie.

The Scot has since given up his blond locks for a bald – and is much more conservative with his wardrobe choices.

Lisa appeared in the Big Brother 2008 series with her partner at the time, Mario15
Lisa appeared in the 2008 Big Brother series with her partner at the time, Mario


Former bodybuilder Lisa joined Big Brother 9 with her partner at the time, Mario.

She is now famous for undressing and displaying her assets in sensual social media posts.

Aisleyne became famous in 200615
Aisleyne became famous in 2006


Our favorite no-nonsense roommate from Big Brother 7, where she won fan legions by standing up to other competitors with iconic phrases like, “You better know yourself, little girl.”

Aisleyne’s career has grown steadily since she became famous, and she completely overhauled her image – abandoning the bright blue eyeshadow in the process.

Alex appeared in Big Brother 315
Alex appeared in Big Brother 3


Clean freak Alex appeared in the 2002 Big Brother series alongside icons such as Jade Goody, Alison Hammond and Kate Lawler.

The popular roommate now adopts a less refined look, letting his wicks and stubble roam freely.

BBC Sport presenter Adele rose to fame in Big Brother 315
BBC Sport presenter Adele rose to fame in Big Brother 3


It’s hard to believe that Adele’s successful television and radio career began with a stint at Big Brother’s house in 2002.

Last year she appeared on I’m A Celebrity… get me out of here! in a second touch to reality TV.

Jonny is yet another Big Brother 3 favorite15
Jonny is yet another Big Brother 3 favorite


The adorable firefighter Jonny is another Big Brother 3 alumnus.

Although he has not had the same level of career in showbiz as his former roommates, he has transformed his image over the years.

Makosi now has its own TV show in Dubai 15
Makosi now has its own TV show in Dubai


Makosi was one of the most remarkable stars of Big Brother 6, with her and Anthony Hutton’s hot tub one of the hottest in Big Brother history.

She now enjoys a huge television career in Dubai, where she has her own daytime show, Makosi Today.

Anthony won Big Brother 6 15
Anthony won Big Brother 6


Makosi spa partner Anthony has barely aged a day since winning the 2005 series.

However, he abandoned the designer’s stubble for an adult beard and longer locks.

Josie remained a darling of television15
Josie remained a darling of television


Big Brother fans loved Josie so much that she won the show’s 2010 series – the last one ever broadcast on Channel 4.

And the beauty of Bristol remained a sweetheart on television, enjoying lucrative concerts with ITV.

Fortunately, she made the wise choice to leave the headgear firmly in 2010.

Brian won Big Brother 215
Brian won Big Brother 2


Brian won the second series of Big Brother AND Ultimate Big Brother in 2010 – eight years later.

The star’s steadfast success saw him follow in the footsteps of Davina McCall and briefly introduce the series when it moved to Channel 5, before being replaced by Emma Willis.

Kate won Big Brother 315
Kate won Big Brother 3


In a series filled with legendary Big Brother contestants, Kate won the crown, becoming the show’s first female winner in 2002.

She surprised viewers when she entered the famous house with a casual soccer t-shirt, and fans loved her girl next door attitude.

Kate still has a successful career in biz, hosting her own radio shows.

Pete had a short romance with roommate Nikki Grahame15
Pete had a short romance with roommate Nikki Grahame


Pete won Big Brother 7 in 2006 and fans were obsessed with his original style.

The adorable star is almost unrecognizable 14 years later, with a much more discreet style and a trendy stubble.

Imogen appeared in Big Brother 7


Imogen appeared in Big Brother 7


Imogen abandoned his image of a girl next door after shooting the celebrity of Big Brother 7 in 2006.

The brunette beauty regularly impresses fans with her sensual selfies on Instagram.

Unfortunately, the romance of Ziggy and Chanelle did not go the distance15
Unfortunately, the romance of Ziggy and Chanelle did not last


In 2007, Ziggy and Chanelle were affectionately known as Posh and Becks from Big Brother after they fell in love with us in Big Brother 8.

Unfortunately, the couple’s romance didn’t make a difference, but they recently enjoyed a nice televised reunion – proving that there is no hard feelings.

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