Ben Shephard joked by saying that he is “delighted” while Charlotte Hawkins appears on page 3


Ben Shephard joked about Charlotte Hawkins posing for page 3 on Good Morning Britain.
In today’s Mirror (June 19), a superb photo of the presenter GMB adorns its third page.
Yesterday (18 June), in his report on the Ascot, she is dressed to the nine in a beautiful dress and fascinating to enter into the spirit of the races.
And the beautiful photos made in the newspapers of this morning.

Charlotte Hawkins has donned this gorgeous dress on page 3 (Credit: ITV)

Charlotte Hawkins jokes about the appearance of the page 3

Teasing his co-host about to appear. page 3, Ben said: “well, we had Sam Fox yesterday to talk about the history of page 3 and I was delighted to move to page three today and to see that [Charlotte] were featured. “
Opening a copy of the newspaper, he joked: “Now, here’s Charlotte!
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“It has made all the coverage of the racing sport ITV Ascot.

The host GMB dressed to cover Ascot (Credit: ITV)

“Not there because of social distancing, but she still lives the life. “
Charlotte laughed emphasizing to viewers on the fact that she dresses not usually like this for working out at home.
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“I actually had a delivery yesterday and when I opened the door dressed like that, it took the driver by surprise,” she explained.
“Usually, it is the bottom of the tracksuit, so he wondered what was happening.
“But it’s nice to dress up and join in the spirit of things. “

Charlotte insisted on the fact that she does not dress normally for work at home (Credit: ITV)

Sam Fox discusses the history of the Page 3

The jokes about Ben on page 3 arise after that Sam Fox appeared in the show yesterday to discuss the documentary from Channel 4, on page three: the naked truth.
Sam posed for The Sun for the first time when she was only 16 years old, making her the youngest model of all time.
Opening on his debut in the newspaper, she said: “A part of me felt the euphoria and wow my God, I am one of this huge log.
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“Part of me thought to go to school tomorrow and to go through these doors. “
She added: “It was a little difficult to go back to school. It was a shock that I was on the front page-naked breasts. But this has changed my life … and I was very well looked after. “
The tabloids have been abandoned after years of campaigning led by activist Lucy-Anne Holmes.
In August. 2013, she has launched a petition which has gathered 215 000 signatures.
The articles have been quietly disposed of in less than two years later.

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