Ben Mulroney outputs etalk the suite of the wife of “white privilege” scandal


In the wake of the controversy surrounding the accusations of his wife, Jessica, has tried to “silence a Black woman,” Ben Mulroney has announced that he will withdraw far from CTV’s flagship entertainment program etalk, he has co-organized since 2002.Mulroney made the announcement Monday morning during a segment on Your Morning, which he co-anchors Anne-Marie Mediwake, with Lindsey Deluce, Kelsey McEwen and Melissa Grelo.

“I want to take a moment to talk about the situation surrounding my wife, Jessica, and the next steps, I will take with the Media, Bell,” he began. “I love my wife; however, it is not for me to speak for her.”

He then went on to reveal that he is stepping away from etalk, in the hope that the show will cast a vote for a “Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color” in its place.

“Last Saturday, I watched on CTV as my colleagues led a national conversation on how we can take action against systemic racism. This conversation has shown me, more than ever, we need more Black voices, more Indigenous voices, and more People of Color in the media … And that is why I immediately decided to step away from my role of anchor point at the etalk to create a space for a new perspective and a new voice,” he says.

Ben is going to continue the show as a special correspondent, providing coverage of certain events, including the Oscars. It will also continue to co-anchor of Your Morning.

A source told the Toronto Sun Ben had expressed the desire to raise one of his Black colleagues at the level of the co-host on etalk since the beginning of June, and given the events of the past two weeks, it quickly became apparent that it was time.

The source added that the talks between Ben and Bell Media for him to be away from etalk was continued as its long-term objective is to play a role in behind-the-scenes of the production.

“We are proud of Ben for his decision,” said Nanci MacLean, vice-president, Bell Media Studios and president of Pinewood Studios. “Ben has played a critical role in the success of etalk, acting as a tireless champion of Canadian artists and productions. We thank him for his contribution to the construction of etalk Canada’s # 1 entertainment show, and look forward to developing new projects with him at Bell Media Studios.”

CTV, Cityline, the Hudson and Good Morning America have cut all ties with Jessica Mulroney, after having been accused of targeting Toronto, style of life, the influence of career in the private Instagram messages earlier this month.

Sasha Exeter urged the faithful to use their platform to speak out on racism, but Jessica took his remarks as a personal attack. It would have also threatened Exeter livelihoods, implying that she could use her connections to put in danger the influencer of the brand sponsorship.

“I also talked to companies and people on how you have treated me unfairly,” Jessica said. “You think that your vote counts. Thus, it is important only if you express it with kindness and without shaming people who are simply trying to learn. Good luck.”

“Not only Mulroney very well aware of his own privilege-white, but just like his compatriot Amy Cooper, she spewed out that threat without effort … For it to threaten me, a single mother, a single Black mother, in a racial pandemic blows my mind,” Exeter replied, revealing that she was merely an acquaintance of Jessica. “It is absolutely amazing.”

Exeter added in the video, which has been viewed more than 830,00 times: “Listen, I’m not calling Jess a racist, but what I will say is this — she is very well aware of his wealth, his perception of power and privilege because of the color of his skin.”

In the wake of the fallout, which saw his wife, the loss of his show, CTV I Do, RedoBen was absent from his hosting duties on Your Morning of last week.

During this time, his etalk colleague Lainey Him discharged on Jessica in a post on its website, writes, “Before last week, before Sasha Exeter told his story, there were a lot of people in the Canadian media with their own Jessica Mulroney stories. Some of them are thinking of telling them now after Sasha opened the door.”

In the fallout of his feud with Exeter, Jessica, who is known to be friends with Meghan Markle, said that she would be stepping away from public action and social media.

“The events that have transpired in the last few days have made it clear that I have work to do,” she said in a written statement.

“I realize, more than ever, how to be a white, privileged woman has put me far ahead of many, and especially those of the Black community. And although I can not change the past, I can do my part to make it better in the future.”

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