Behind the Scenes from the WWE News Fans Test At Monday TV Tapings


A few weeks ago Triple H wondered about the accuracy of the large-scale tests done for COVID-19. Which has been seen by many as essentially telling him that WWE is not doing large-scale tests for his talent although a second positive test took place this week which closed tapings for one day.It seems to me that the tone has changed when it comes to testing within the WWE and sports reporter Jon Alba discussed that when he joined La Lutte Inc. Daily podcast.

“You don’t want to be caught with your pants down. The worst thing, especially as a publicly traded company, could happen. I think the general consensus is that this is what happened, “said Alba. “There was a positive test for the second time, and rather than what happened the first time when there was an internal memo sent, it was publicly put forward before someone d other heard.

“I think created some of the bad faith of some people that I had spoken about it. I commend her for getting the big test group pretty quickly after that, but from the fan reports we did, they said that the fans present who are not down on wanting to wear masks, they wanted it. But they don’t say that, if they wanted to attend the hearing, they did so to get this quick test. ”

For the first time since the beginning of March, fans were left in a WWE event, while fans were mixed with NXT talent in the crowd during Raw week. Bryan Alvarez reported that WWE failed to allow fans to wear masks and Alba weighed in on that.

“I’m not all to discredit Bryan Alvarez as he has a proven track record of success. I am not discrediting anyone other than what they heard, they heard. I can only speak from what I said and I personally met several people from the audience, independently, and not all together, they checked the exact same thing so there is no pressure of them, “said Alba.

He added that many fans were wearing masks when they got there, but then took to screaming and yelling.

“The fans were lucky to come back, but if they wanted to go back, then they had to take the test and not be admitted in. There were people on Monday before the COVID tests who were hijacked so as not to pass the temperature control, “the Alba said. “So it’s not that everyone was universally let in. I think it’s a good thing that they are doing COVID testing now, but the real question becomes if this is going to be consistent. Will they continue to do this COVID testing week by week? ”

Alba was then asked about supporters of the decision not to wear masks and what influences the decision.

“You will find different decisions based on your political convictions and your human beliefs. I met several of these fans present and each person told me that he would not disturb them if there was a positive COVID test. They would have come from hell or high water, whatever, “said Alba.

“Is everyone going to be of the opinion? No. Me personally, if I was around someone who tested positive or there was a chance for a possible transmission, I would not want to be in this environment. But everyone is different. ”

He then compared the WWE test of AEW who had decided to test as soon as possible and Alba said that goes to the beliefs of the people up there.

“Tony Khan – I don’t know his political beliefs – but from what we have seen on social media, you can draw your own conclusions about the way he looks. But her father was also a donor to the campaign. So who is that what some political beliefs are? I think it’s a personal matter of morals and values, and how you feel about it, “said Alba.

Khan revealed that AEW tests everyone in the building at the start of each tapings week. Alba was asked if WWE will be a test that often goes ahead.

“I have no idea because, as we saw how the Tuesday and Wednesday procedures went, it didn’t sound like it was too smooth. I think they need to understand what their game plan will be. AEW does do the tests [weekly] and I was talking to someone in the RSMA last night to get a better understanding of how they do things, and there’s more rigor put into it rather than just, “We’re going to test a times at the start of tapings and from there. ‘There’s no longer putting in,’ said Alba.

“I think the company that deserves the most accessories for the degree of security they have made is New to Japan. They went above and beyond in the first comings back. First they took a break and they have commentators seated six feet apart with the glass between them. Wrestlers and fans are not in the crowd. The wrestlers in the tag outside the ring at certain points. So we’re all going to be detrimental based on people and how they personally feel about this thing. ”

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