BEFORE CHRIST. is considering “transition measures” for landlords, tenants, as rent supplement expires – BC


The B.C. government is looking to help landlords and tenants because the British Columbia temporary rental supplement will expire at the end of the month.Housing Minister Selina Robinson says the province is encouraging landlords and tenants to continue working together to keep payments where possible.

In March, the province announced a rent supplement of up to $ 500 per month for eligible tenants who lost their wages due to the COVID-19 crisis. At the same time, the government announced a moratorium on evictions.

BEFORE CHRIST. requests for rent relief are now open to help offset the impact of COVID-19

“It is also important to note that the eviction moratorium is temporary and that tenants will be responsible for unpaid rent owed after the state of emergency is lifted,” Robinson said in a statement.

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“We recognize that transitional measures will be needed to support tenants and landlords when they emerge from the state of emergency. We are working on it now. ”

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Robinson says the government has been clear that tenants who are not in financial difficulty should continue to pay their rent.

BEFORE CHRIST. eviction ban leaves some homeowners deadlocked

BEFORE CHRIST. eviction ban leaves some homeowners deadlocked

The landlord in British Columbia is calling on the province to lift the temporary moratorium on evictions as the economy begins to reopen.

“The reality is that with the provincial government having solid plans to reopen the economy from our perspective, our sector should be included and should be exempted so that we can start operating in a normal environment,” said David Hutniak, CEO of Landlord BC.

The Vancouver Tenants Union and the Tenant Resource and Advisory Center (TRAC) are calling on the province to maintain the moratorium on eviction.

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TRAC lawyer Robert Patterson said the province must develop a plan to lift the restrictions, and removing the moratorium should be the last step.

BEFORE CHRIST. Prime Minister announces new relief for tenants and owners

BEFORE CHRIST. Prime Minister announces new relief for tenants and owners

“We think the right way to solve this problem is first for the government to put in place a process that will forgive rent arrears to ensure that tenants who could not afford to pay rent due to COVID -19 will see these rents canceled, “said Patterson.

“No tenant should face the loss of their home due to COVID-19.”

Patterson says her organization also advocates for homeowners’ support. He says the support should be aimed at owners who can prove financial difficulty rather than large rental companies.

“No tenant wants their landlord seized,” said Patterson.


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