BEFORE CHRIST. casinos want to open before province moves to phase 4 of COVID-19 plan


The B.C. Lottery Corporation and the casino operators are working to open the casinos earlier than expected.Casinos were originally part of Phase 4 of the province’s reopening plans, but should now operate before there is a wide distribution of a vaccine, community immunity or extensive effective treatments.

Provincial health worker Dr. Bonnie Henry said the province closed casinos at the start of the pandemic due to the concerns of large numbers of people congregating in indoor and closed environments.

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All British Columbia casinos to close to limit spread of coronavirus

“I know they have worked with WorkSafeBC to determine if there is a way to open, taking these into account, and they are developing protocols,” said Henry on Friday.

Province Updates COVID Impact On First Nations Communities And Plans To Open British Columbia Casinos

“I have not seen them yet, but I know that this is one of the areas they are looking for and which meet the guidelines we have to ensure that they can operate safely.”

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Henry also reported poor ventilation in casinos and older demographics as concerns.

Congresses, live professional sports, concerts and international tourism are all part of Phase 4. The province announced this week that British Columbia is now in Phase 3 of the reopening plan.

Province Updates COVID Impact On First Nations Communities And Plans To Open British Columbia Casinos

Casinos have opened in other jurisdictions, including Las Vegas and Alberta.

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Casinos should close certain games for fear of spreading COVID-19 while ensuring proper handwashing stations and allowing for physical distancing.

“For casinos, it’s not just the customers. It is also to ensure the safety of casino staff. I understand that it is in progress. I haven’t seen the details yet, “said Henry.

We don’t know when the casinos can open.

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Cities, charities and community groups are suffering from the closure of British Columbia. casinos

Health Minister Adrian Dix said he was not aware of any changes in plans for the casinos.

“I think one of the challenges with casinos is that this is a highly affected business and we have seen it in the pictures we have seen of Vegas recently,”

” BEFORE CHRIST. has not shut down many industries that others have done, but what we have done is to make sure it is safety first. “


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