Beach lovers are unaware of the social distance, while experts warn against the risk of a second wave


A The computer model from the University of Washington, widely-cited, of the epidemic of coronavirus has thrown nearly 180 000 deaths in the United States on the 1st of October.An outbreak of coronavirus destroys two months of progress in the United States and sends infection to new levels disastrous in the South and the West, hospital administrators, and health experts have been warning that the politicians and a public tired of being cooperated to leave a disaster takes place.

The United States recorded a total of one day of 34 700 new confirmed cases – the highest level since the end of April, when the number peaked at 36 400.

While infections newly confirmed have been steadily decreasing in the first hot spots such as New York and New Jersey, several other States have set records a day this week, including Arizona, California, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas, and Oklahoma. Some of them have also beaten records of hospitalization, as the North Carolina and South Carolina.


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