BC’s top doctor approves plan to make Vancouver an NHL hub: Prime Minister


VICTORIA (1130 NEWS) – Provincial health worker Dr. Bonnie Henry has approved a plan to make Vancouver an NHL hub, according to the Premier.The province has also passed an ordinance protecting amateur sport organizations and volunteers from insurer litigation, allowing the game to resume in a matter of days.

John Horgan said Wednesday that Henry had agreed to a change to the quarantine plan that would allow an NHL team to be a family unit or a “bubble.”

“The Vancouver Canucks’ proposal for an NHL hub city has been approved by public health officer Dr. Henry and our governments,” said Horgan. “Therefore, I wrote to the Prime Minister to inform him that Vancouver and British Columbia would welcome the NHL, in accordance with the plan developed by the Vancouver Canucks, the NHL and, of course, public health officials . ”

He added that the team members would stay together in a hotel and travel together to the Rogers Arena in Vancouver in private transportation.

“Any test would be the responsibility of the club. No public interaction would take place during the 14-day quarantine period, “said Horgan.

“So this is a quarantine amendment. This does not change anything significantly. This only increases the number of people in the bubble that would allow NHL teams to come to Vancouver. ”

Any changes to the quarantine rules in British Columbia. should be approved by the federal government.

Horgan also said that Tourism Vancouver has participated in this process with the Canucks, as there could be a significant benefit to hotels, food and other services if the city was chosen as the hub for hosting games in the setting an extended regular season, as well as playoffs.

“This is an exciting thing for hockey fans. I’m going to be on my couch watching the games, whether they’re in Vegas or Vancouver, but I really believe British Columbia has a lot to offer the NHL, especially the players. If you were to have your family soaring in North America during the summer months to hang out while playing hockey, I can’t think of a better place than British Columbia, “said Horgan.

Vancouver was shortlisted for one of the two NHL hub cities last month as Commissioner Gary Bettman outlined a four-phase plan that will see the games resume this summer.

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“So I think the NHL should make the call now. We were concerned that we were not responding quickly enough to this quarantine question, ”added Horgan.

He reiterated that the province is still not ready to jeopardize the progress made by British Columbians to limit the transmission of COVID-19.

Horgan also said that a strategy was being put in place to help reopen the film and television industry in British Columbia.

“It would always involve periods of isolation of 14 days for any talent from the United States or elsewhere, whether producers, directors or front-line staff,” he said. . “But the wide range of professionals we have here in British Columbia who make Vancouver and British Columbia. an ideal destination for film and television are there and ready to go and they will do so in a way that protects public health and the interests of those who work in this sector. ”

Regarding amateur sports, Horgan said organizations and volunteers were unable to obtain insurance from businesses during the pandemic.

“The government has therefore adopted an ordinance protecting all of these associations and their volunteers from any litigation,” he added. “Following COVID-19, of course, all of these organizations will have to follow public health guidelines, and I know they will all do so. They are very impatient to do so. Various sectors have already approved their return to play plans, and I know that minor soccer, for example, should be operational from June 12. ”

The B.C. state of emergency record was also extended until June 24. It has been 12 weeks since it was first declared.


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