Bayleigh Dayton Complaints About Casting of Swaggy C and Swaggy C


Big Brother is not the only reality series to marry Bayleigh Dayton and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams. With the two on The challenge, Dayton recently revised his time on Big Brother in a new interview.

Bayleigh Dayton and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for WE tv

Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C have been animated during their season and rumors are high for All-Stars 2

Williams and Bayleigh Dayton participated in the 20th season of Big Brother. In the show, they were a popular couple duo, even though Williams was voted in at the start of the competition. The two men were also victims of racism and micro-attacks in the house. They also received numerous racist attacks online and on social media from people who watched the show. After Willams left the show, Dayton was able to stay several more weeks, winning a head of household competition and becoming the first guest to become a member of the jury.

After the show, they have remained strong since the end of the show. As you know, if you watched their season, they got engaged in the season finale. After getting engaged, the duo secretly married. They also moved from Kansas City, which is the hometown of Bayleigh, to Los Angeles.

In the footsteps of many other alumni of Big Brother, the two participated in the 35th season of MTV The challenge. Dayton still remains in the series but Williams left the series in the twelfth episode.

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Dayton and Williams are rumored to be participating in the next All-Stars season of Big Brother, although Williams has denied that he will be there.

She recently revealed that she is a candidate for Black on “Big Brother”

On a recent episode of The Challenge Mania podcast, Dayton was a guest and talked about his experience on Big Brother. She talked about how black candidates are cast in the series due to the perception of the cast producers, insinuating that people are cast on the series with stereotypes in mind.

“Exactly. When I was called Big Brother, the first thing they said to me was like, “Hey, you’re in the top 25, but that doesn’t mean the 25 best black girls are ready to go,” she said. “I know I’m the only black girl who goes. “

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She continued, “They have to fulfill certain roles. On top of that, there are some black people they don’t want to play in these roles because they are going to be put in situations that could make them uncomfortable. So I had to make sure to communicate that “Hey, I used to be in awkward situations, it’s OK. But it’s not something someone should have to communicate. ”

Despite the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Big BrotherThe final season of the premiere is slated to air later this year on CBS.


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