Baseball players say talks are futile, to say the MLB to order the return of


NEW YORK – The baseball players have told Major League Baseball talks additional to start the season during the outbreak of coronavirus are useless and said that the owners should order a return to work, which would likely trigger lengthy litigation, and the return of the sport to the war work.

The action of the union on Saturday night could lead to a season of about 50 games rather than 82, as originally proposed by the MLB. The Major League Baseball Players Association would respond to it by filing a grievance that would be heard by arbitrator Mark Irvings, arguing that the players are owed hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

“It seems, unfortunately, that other dialogues with the league would be in vain,” said union president Tony Clark said in a statement. “It is time to get back to work. Tell us when and where.

There was no immediate response on the part of the MLB.

The players and the MLB have agreed on march 26, asking for wages on a prorated basis. This agreement gave the commissioner of baseball Rob Manfred the right to start the season on the condition that there are no travel restrictions and that matches can be played before the supporters in the stadiums regular season. He called for negotiations “in good faith” to play in stadiums with empty sites or neutral.

The players insist that they should not have to accept additional reductions.

The MLB has made three offers economic, last Friday, and the union has proposed two. The parties remain far apart on the amount that the players should get $ 4 billion of wages which they were initially ready to win: MLB has offered to guarantee the 1.27 billion and increase the total to $ 1.45 billion if the post-season is over. The players want $ 2.25 billion.

“The players want to play. This is what we are and what we’re doing, ” said Clark. “Since the month of march, the association has clearly stated that our number 1 objective is to play the season as complete as possible, as soon as possible, as quickly as possible. The players have accepted billions of concession money as a means to this end, and in the face of leaks, repeated in media and in the wrong direction, we made additional proposals to inject new revenues into the industry, proposals which would be of benefit to the owners, the players, the partners of broadcasting, and to the fans. It is now becoming clear that these efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

The owners must now decide whether they should go forward with a calendar shortcut, maybe a 48 or 50 games. A regular season of 50 games of salary pro rata totaled 1.23 billion dollars, leaving the union claim about $ 1 billion plus interest in damages if the case goes to a decision, and the players prevail.

The agreement of march of the parties states that ” each of the parties will work in good faith as soon as possible will start, play and complete the season championship in 2020, the most comprehensive and the post-season, which is economically feasible : in accordance with the other provisions.

“In recent days, the owners have condemned the alleged non-profitability of owning a baseball team and the commissioner has threatened several times to program a season significantly shortened unless the players accept hundreds of millions of additional concessions,” said Mr. Clark. “Our response has been consistent: such concessions are unjustified, and would be fundamentally unfair for the players and our sport deserves the season 2020 as complete as possible. These continue to be our positions today, especially in light of the new reports concerning the rights of national tv MLB — information that we have requested to the league a few weeks ago, but have never been provided.

The New York Post reported Saturday that the MLB and Turner are coming closer to an agreement for the rights from 2022, the season after the expiration of the current contract with Turner for a series of League championship and a package of Sunday regular season broadcast in the second half of the season.


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