Barack Obama once called Queen Elizabeth “truly one of my favorite people”


Barack Obama is apparently a big fan of Queen Elizabeth. During his first term in the Oval Office, Obama met Queen Elizabeth and he would have been so impressed that she invited him to return to the United Kingdom after the end of his presidency. While His Majesty clearly enjoyed Obama’s company, he once revealed that she was “really one of my favorite people.”

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Queen Elizabeth invites Barack Obama to return to Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth greeted Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, at a reception at Buckingham Palace in 2009. Following their visit, royal expert Tom Quin said that Her Majesty “fell in love” with Obama , which had given him a “soft spot for the Americans”.

“The Queen has a soft spot for the Americans after her meeting
Barack Obama with whom she completely fell in love – so much so that she
often asked his courtiers if they could get him to come to Britain
now he is no longer president, “he said.

According to Express,
it is very rare for Queen Elizabeth to meet a person once
out of office. The only exception to this rule was Nelson Mandela, who had a
very close friendship with His Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth usually only meets with heads of state and
foreign diplomats, so inviting Obama was a big problem. we
don’t know if Obama will ever accept Queen Elizabeth on his offer but his
visiting in 2009 was not the only time he made the trip across the pond.

The Obamas returned to London for another visit with Queen Elizabeth in 2011. At that time, they also met Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple returned for the third time in 2016, just before the end of Obama’s presidency.

While Queen Elizabeth obviously adored Obama, the feeling was
apparently reciprocal.

Barack Obama praises Queen Elizabeth

During his last visit in 2016, Obama held a joint meeting with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. While discussing his previous outing with Queen Elizabeth, Obama revealed that he had returned to London to also wish him a happy 90th birthday.

“She really is one of my favorite people,” said Obama. “I admit that I also came back to wish Her Majesty the Queen a happy 90th birthday. ”

Obama and his wife had visited Queen Elizabeth just before he met Cameron, who was also on her birthday. The trio spent time together inside Windsor Castle and were joined by their husband, Prince Philip.

When they arrived in Windsor by helicopter, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was on hand to drive them around the property. After a discussion on where everyone should sit, Obama opted for the front seat.

Obama later admitted that it was the first time that Philip had given him a ride. Although Prince Philip was pushing 95, Obama said it was “very sweet driving.”

Although the Obamas fully appreciated all their visits with
Queen Elizabeth, their first trip in 2009 sparked controversy after
Michelle was spotted kissing Queen Elizabeth.

Did Michelle Obama break the rules by hugging Queen Elizabeth?

When they first visited in 2009, Michelle aroused some indignation when she was photographed kissing Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. At the time, royal observers claimed that the First Lady violated royal protocols by touching Queen Elizabeth.

While some people have argued that Michelle should have avoided
touch Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s seamstress, Angela Kelly,
then clarified what had happened. According to Insider,
Kelly revealed that the two women found themselves in the moment and that it was totally
okay to get them out of the script.

“Much was done about the meeting between Michelle and Her Majesty, when an instant and mutual warmth was shared between these two remarkable women, and the protocol was apparently” dropped “as they stood tightly with their arms around each other’s backs, “said Kelly. .

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Kelly added that Queen Elizabeth felt that the exchange with Michelle was completely natural and was just an expression of mutual respect. Buckingham Palace has not posted any comments regarding Her Majesty’s hug with Michelle.

The Obamas left the oval office at the end of 2016. We don’t know
if they intend to return to the UK for a quick visit with the Queen
Elizabeth, but it definitely seems like they have an open invitation to
Buckingham Palace.

Barack Obama did not comment on his various visits with Queen Elizabeth while he was still POTUS.


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