Backstage rumor that Vince McMahon dominates Asuka as top female division star


– According to a report from, sources say that top WWE officers, including President Vince McMahon, still hold a high place in brute champion Asuka. During Sunday’s Backlash event, his title defense against Nia Jax ended in a double count, and Asuka retained his belt accordingly.According to the report, McMahon is still high on Asuka as the champion and apparently sees value in her as the first star in the women’s division, especially now that Becky Lynch is away. Previously, WWE officials were impressed with her work and her reliability at Money in the Bank, which she had won, and that opinion would not have changed.

Report sources also say the female champion of Raw is probably one of the few Superstars to worry about her efforts after the removal of Paul Heyman as executive director of Raw. A source reportedly said: “There [Vince] is still high on Asuka, she won’t be hurt with Heyman missing. ”

In addition, the report notes that the end of the Asuka vs Jax match at Backlash resulted in a double plus tally to protect Jax’s character rather than potentially injuring Asuka. Earlier this week, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that this was not the end originally planned. The finish was apparently changed because WWE still didn’t want Asuka to go through Jax and still wanted tomorrow’s empress to keep the belt.


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