Back to school in Ontario: the students mix the part-time course with learning at home, according to the province


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“We are investing more in our students to ensure that they are safe and well prepared to hit the books from September,” said Lecce, in a press release.

He said that the province will fund more support for racialized and marginalized students in order to “remove the obstacles to their success,” as well as more for as school boards prepare to return to school at the age COVID-19, hiring more guards, and teaching aids.

Last year, the government has maintained subsidies to school boards beyond what was necessary to increase the costs, and was warned that it needed more cutting to fight the provincial deficit.

After a school year 2019-2020 painful full of strikes and work slowdowns by the unions of education, contracts have been settled with pay increases limited to 1% per year, but additional funds provided through a special fund to support students at high risk and those who have special educational needs. .

The Funds for the priorities and partnerships expected to reach more than $ 300 million this academic year, funding approximately 150 initiatives to support students, the government said.

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