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  • The number of cases worldwide is expected to hit 10 million next week, said the world health Organization warning that the virus has not yet reached its peak in the Americas.
  • Hospitalizations and the number of cases of coronavirus have reached new peaks in more than half a dozen States in the United States, the new confirmed cases nationally being close to their record highs of two months ago.
  • According to Johns Hopkins University, nearly 9.2 million people in the world have received a diagnosis of COVID-19 and close to 475,000 died.

Here are the latest updates:

Thursday, June 25,

03h05 GMT – Beijing is increasing its testing capacity to stay on top of the folders

Beijing has increased the capacity of a daily analysis of the nucleic acids to more than 300 000 samples per day, compared to about 40 000 previously, according to the State media.

The authorities of the chinese capital have stepped up testing after an outbreak-related cases in the main wholesale market of food products.

On Thursday, the continent has confirmed 19 new cases of COVID-19, including 13 in Beijing.

03:00 GMT – Disneyland is delaying its reopening after the outbreak of cases in California

Disneyland in California, which has been closed since mid-march, has delayed plans to reopen.

The complex was to reopen on 17 July, but the makers of Disney are saying that the State government has not issued operating guidelines before the 4th of July, they do not have the time to prepare.

Disneyland is the second theme park the most popular in the world.

Fault Lines – Anaheim: a tale of two cities

02:10 GMT – The Australia recording the highest increase of one day in two months

Learn more about the situation in Australia after the announcement of sending troops to Melbourne, the second largest city in the country and the capital of the State of Victoria.

The State reported that 33 people had tested positive for the virus during the last 24 hours. This is the ninth day of the digit increases.

The country as a whole recorded more than 7,500 cases of the disease, but with the outbreak apparently controlled, most of the restrictions have been eased. He has recorded 104 deaths, the latest in a man of 85 years who passed away in April, but the disease has now been confirmed.

02:05 GMT – The case in South Korea are relaxed

The latest data on coronaviruses in South Korea, suggest that he takes control of the clusters that have emerged in Seoul in recent weeks.

Centers Korean control and disease prevention (KCDC) reported this morning that the country had added 28 new cases, of which 23 local infections. It is down on the 51 cases of Wednesday and 46 on Tuesday.

Most of the clusters are related to shipping companies and to small churches.

00:30 GMT – The australian troops go to Victoria to fight the outbreak

The australian army needs to send 1 000 troops to Melbourne to tackle the new clusters of coronavirus that has emerged in the capital of the State of Victoria.

Victoria has recorded nearly 150 new infections during the last week.

The Defence minister, Linda Reynolds, said Thursday that the army would be rapidly deployed ” in the coming days “.

Up to 850 members of the staff of the australian defence force will help to monitor international travelers back in the quarantine of the hotel while about 200 other will provide logistical support and medical facilities test COVID-19, she said.

In addition, the victorian premier, Dan Andrews, said that the State was launching a “blitz test in the suburbs” is targeted at areas identified as hotspots to keep abreast of the epidemic.

00:15 GMT – The culture of pubs izakaya in Japan suffers for COVID

The Japanese are more cautious when they go out for a drink after dinner that night to pubs known under the name of “izakayas” which host them.

The Izakayas are known for their cheap drinks, their tasty food and warm atmosphere. Some are tiny with only a few seats.

But Reuters said that izakayas are now facing a “existential crisis” so that people work at home and avoid the places interiors.

“If the consumption of alcohol is not seen as welcome, the izakayas will be bankruptcy,” said Hitoshi Yaosaka, which owns 10 pubs in Tokyo and has seen the business return to only a third of previous levels in COVID. “There are strong chances that the culture of the izakaya of Japan dies. “

00:00 GMT – The north-eastern States of the United States impose quarantines for travellers from eight States

The governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have ordered the travelers from eight other States put in quarantine for 14 days to their arrival so that the epidemic in the United States is gaining momentum.

The order was ” the smart thing to do “, The governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, said to the media.

“We have taken our people, we have three of these three States, to hell and back, and the last thing we need to do now is to submit our people to a different tour,” said Murphy about the three governors, all democrats.

The quarantine applies to people arriving from Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Utah, including residents of the north-is returning from these regions.

It will be applied with fines that increase for repeat offenders.

New York city reopens its doors after having been severely affected during the first wave of the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States. Now, it does impose quarantines for travellers from a number of other States where the number of cases and hospitalizations has increased [John Minchillo/AP Photo]

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