Australia cyber attack: PM Morrison warns of “sophisticated” hack state


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Scott Morrison said the “malicious” activity has stopped increasing over the months

Australia’s government and institutions target a sophisticated course of state cyber hack, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

Mr. Morrison said the cyber attacks were widespread, covering “all levels of government”, as well as service providers and businesses.

He refused to identify a state actor, adding that no significant personal data breaches were made.

The activity has been more and more frequent for many months, he said.

He said that cyber experts identified it as a hack state “due to the scale and nature of targeting and trade, of the crafts used.”

When asked if this country had been identified, Morrison said he would not be “all public attributing.”

“There is not a large number of state actors likely to engage in this type of activity,” he told reporters Friday.

He pointed out that even from the “bad guys” of activity that had been seen in the territories globally, it is not unique to Australia.

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Last year, Australia’s main political parties and parliament were struck by a “malicious intrusion” on their computer networks carried out by a “sophisticated state of the actor”.

The Reuters news agency reported that Australian intelligence agencies had suspected the Chinese Ministry of State Security of the 2019 hack. Canberra is declined to comment on this report.

Speaking on Friday, Morrison urged businesses – especially infrastructure and service providers – to improve their defense techniques.

Cyber ​​defense agencies had thwarted “many” hacking attempts, but the necessary “constant persistence and demand” protection.

“We have raised this issue today not to raise concerns in the minds of the public, but to raise awareness in the minds,” Mr. Morrison said.

“We know what’s going on. We’re on it, but it’s a day-to-day task. “


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